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New Year Resolutions

Happy new year! 🥳

A little over a year ago I started this blog. I figured it was a good way to push myself to learn new things. Share them. Improve my communication skills. And gain a little recognition. A couple of days ago I got an email from FeedSpot telling me I had made the Top 10 AEM Blogs list!

Everyone in the AEM community knows these 10 blogs. So it seems like a pretty good list! Dan Klco and Jörg Hoh are the top 2 which wasn't surprising. I'm glad someone (or something 🤖) thought my content was good enough to make this list.

For 2023 I would like to keep this momentum going. Today I'll be sharing some of my resolutions for AEM career growth.

AEM Headless

In some way, shape or form we have all been doing AEM headless for a long time. I have seen and done all sorts of custom code to expose AEM content in a JSON format. And worked with front-end developers to consume that content.

In AEM 6.3 there was a CaaS feature. A rudimentary service that exported content as JSON. It got replaced by the Sling Model Exporter Framework. And then by the some time around 2019 Adobe started to lean into headless with the SPA editor. At that time, I did a POC and gave a demo. The conclusion was that it needed further baking. After 3 years its ready. 2023 will be the year for AEM Headless.

So my first resolution for 2023 will be to learn more about Adobe's headless architecture. Find possible ways that it could serve client needs. And blog about my experiences. This resolution will be easy to achieve.

Adobe Summit 2023

Back in 2021, I got the green light from my employer to go to the Adobe Summit. I was about to buy the package when they announced a halt on all travel. Something about a pandemic? I never attended that one. Or the virtual one in 2022. Who are we kidding. It is not the same!

I've been looking at the session catalog. I will definitely attend the "Top Innovations" sessions. So that I can learn about some of the newest and cutting edge features that Adobe recently released. Or plans on releasing. Secondary will be DevOps and Cloud Manager. And of course, anything and everything headless.

So this year my second career growth resolution will be to convince my boss to send me to the Summit. This is where the communication skills come in handy. I have an email queued up and ready to go. This resolution will be a little harder to reach so I give it a 50/50 chance.

adaptTo() 2023

And finally, for the long shot. The Adobe Summit is more for marketers and business practitioners. And all about Adobe. But the adaptTo() 2023 conference in Berlin is all about Sling and the OSS side of the things. After all, Sling is its own thing and Adobe just built on-top of it. Check out this blog from Dan Klco: Building a Zero Cost Website with Apache Sling CMS.

It is all the way in September. And it is all the way in Berlin. This resolution will be a long shot for me. But hey, I'll never know unless I try!


I wish you all good luck in 2023! I think we can all agree that ramping up on AEM Headless is within our reach. And if I get lucky, maybe I'll see you at the Summit.

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