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Adobe Summit 2023: Headless

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Adobe Summit 2023. Now that I've had the weekend to recuperate, and gather my thoughts, I'm ready to talk about the experience.

There were tons sessions covering all sorts of Adobe solutions. There was no way to attend them all. So I will spend the next few months going back to review the sessions I attended. And the ones I wish I could have.

My approach is going to be this. Instead of an overarching essay about an Adobe solution, I'm going to talk about the small tidbits. The small things I heard here or there. The small ideas that got planted in my head. Because it is the small things that over time will change your way of thinking.

So with that, I would like to talk about the PGA Tour. It turned out to be one of the better sessions I attended. In particular because I have been talking up headless at work. So I could relate.

The PGA Tour migrated into a headless architecture. As opposed to full stack or hybrid, the biggest thing you are giving up here is the editor experience. This means a move away from traditional page-oriented way of thinking. And that was a big thing to ask of the content authors. And the organization as a whole. But in the end it seems they won over the clients and are better off for it.

Of course going headless might not be the right decision for everyone. There is always hybrid. But in case headless is your chosen architecture, you will need to brush up on those soft skills. And put forward some good reasons that will win over hearts and minds of your clients.

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