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2024 New Year Resolutions

This morning someone said "January flew by!". Yes it did. So happy belated new year 🥳!

In 2023 I set three career resolutions for myself. I took a deep dive into AEM headless with content fragments and GraphQL. And I attended the Adobe Summit. 2 out of 3 isn't bad, so here are my 2024 resolutions.


I already have a head start on this! As soon as I returned to work on January 3rd, I began to prep for the AEM Sites Architect Master AD0-E117 test. And I passed it on January 19th. The only other Adobe test that piques my interest is the AEM Cloud Service Migration Expert AD0-E136. But I am not sure if its in the budget, so this is a stretch goal.

The other credential that I I'll go after will be the Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104. For starters. I may explore other certifications beyond AZ-104 if I see something I like.

Why Azure? I already have some hands on with it. So it will be nice to get the credentials. And budget will not be a problem. So best to take the opportunity when it is there for the taking. And to be a good architect it is a good idea to step outside of the Adobe Experience Platform. I have never worked on a client or project that uses Adobe only. There has and always will be a mix of Adobe, Azure, AWS and other platforms and products.

Blog Topics

The topics I blog about usually follow the projects and things I my be working on at that time. But there are 3 things that I've been meaning to explore. And I want to make them happen this year.

First up is OAuth and Azure B2C. I have set up B2C and SAML on AEM. Now I want to take a look at OAuth. And how to secure AEM servlets using APIM. This will tie in with my Azure goals.

The second topic is custom UI tests on AEMaaCS. You know, that ui.tests maven module in the archetype project. I noticed that  Cypress got introduced in the latest archetype. I am a big fan of unit tests, and I view myself an expert at this point. I look forward to learning about UI testing. And using it to improve the quality of our deliverables.

And finally, Adobe Edge Delivery Services. I remember at the 2023 Summit hearing about it for the first time. Document based authoring seemed kind of gimmicky. But I have begun to view this as another part of the headless architecture Adobe is moving toward. It may change the AEM CMS as we know it. It is still evolving so it is worth keeping an eye on it.


I used Adobe Express to generate the featured image on this post. The background came from Adobe Stock. And I used the GenAI effects on the text. Why didn't I include GenAI on my list of resolutions? Well first EVERYONE is yapping about it. And at the moment I not sure I have anything relevant to say. Might be that deep down inside I am afraid of loosing my job to an AI ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Good luck in 2024!

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